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In case you are looking to select wedding venues in Delhi or anywhere in India, we help you look for the best possible place option while keeping your budget in mind. As a wedding planner location selection is the first step towards the wedding planning process.
There are various aspects that are kept in mind while the site hunt is on, besides how the ground looks. We need to ensure proper traffic management, parking space as against the gathering size, washroom facility for guests, proximity to the main roads etc First and foremost comes the site, everything else revolves around the same. Team Sanskriti carefully looks into your requirement & then suggests a suitable ground accordingly!
Be it a dream destination wedding that you have had in mind since childhood or a Royal Wedding at a Palace, Sanskriti will help you select the best marriage venues in India.
Having long association with all the leading Hotels (Palaces), Banquet Halls, Clubs & Farmhouses helps in getting the best deal at the best possible price.

For a unique and different way of celebrating your wedding, you must choose the Wedding venues in Delhi appropriately. Decorate the surrounding with lights and flowers.

    We own a couple of farmhouses as well to host your special day.  
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